le-couloir-samson-vue-de-linterieur.jpgLe Couloir Samson, vue depuis la rivière du Verdon
©Le Couloir Samson, vue rivière |Alexia et Julien Verdon Photo

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The Regional Natural Park of Verdon

We are lucky enough to be in the Regional Natural Park of Verdon with it’s wild landscapes and the protected fauna and flora that make it a unique place. White water activities are regulated to conserve the biodiversity of these aquatic environments and to harmonize different activities in the Verdon river (like fishing and white water activities)

The Verdon river

The Verdon is a gorgeous river that requires careful behaviour. The fact that swimming is forbidden and the presence of siphons makes it highly recommended to be accompanied by a qualified guide. If you want to see how just how dangerous the river can get, we invite you to watch the video made by world kayak champion Nouria Newman.


To practice white water activities it is essential to know how to swim, animals are not accepted, and, finally, reservations are made directly to the water companies. Do not hesitate to contact them, they will be happy to give you more information

The dam

In the area of Castellane, the Verdon is part of the the Chaudanne Dam, so it is mandatory to wait for water releases in order to be able to carry out white water activities.

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