Banniere avec une voiture de collection dans la région du verdon

Getting around the Verdon

Located between 1 h and 2 h 30 from Nice, Aix-en-Provence, Marseille or Toulon, the villages from the springs to the Gorges du Verdon welcome you to unspoilt countryside, without freeways or traffic lights.

Journey times between our main villages

Our environment is preserved but… our roads are winding. It’s better to go by time rather than mileage.

Annot Castellane Colmars-les-Alpes Entrevaux La Palud-sur-Verdon Saint-André-les- Alpes
Annot 40 mn 45 minutes 15 mn 1 h 25 mn 30 min.
Castellane 40 mn 1 h 50 mn 45 minutes 25 mn
Colmars-les-Alpes 45 minutes 1 h 1 h 1 h 30 mn 30 min.
Entrevaux 15 mn 50 mn 1h 1h 35 mn 40 mn
La Palud-sur- Verdon 1 h 25 mn 45 minutes 1 h 30 mn 1 h 35 mn 1 h 10 mn
Saint-André-les Alpes 30 min. 25 mn 30 min. 40 mn 1 h 10 mn

Tips for getting around

In the Verdon

In winter, special equipment is compulsory on snow-covered roads, and some roads and passes are inaccessible, so it’s best to find out before following your GPS.

  • Route des Crêtes

The road is limited in height to 3.6 m and in length to 12 m, with no tonnage limit. The part of the road from Pas de la Baou to Chalet de la Maline is one-way, clockwise. It closes from the last Friday in November to the last Friday in March. The most legendary lookouts, Trescaïre, Carelle and Dent d’Aïre, remain accessible all year round.

  • Route du lac d’Allos

Open from June to mid-October. Specific regulations apply to vehicles over 2.10 meters in height.

  • Col d’Allos

Open from mid-May to the end of October. The road is forbidden to vehicles over 3.5 tonnes, and has a height limit of 4.30 m and a length limit of 7 m. It’s a narrow lane with hairpin bends.

During the summer season, the Col d’Allos is reserved for cyclists one morning a week.

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  • Le col des Champs

Open from June to the end of November. The road is closed to vehicles over 3.5 tonnes.

The opening and closing dates of these passes and routes depend on weather conditions.

  • Daluis gorges

Winding, narrow road, but accessible by camper van.

  • Terminals
  • Parking
  • Electric charging stations

    Accelerated recharging stations for electric vehicles have been deployed in villages throughout the area, from the springs to the Gorges du Verdon. They are available with or without subscription.

  • LAUS parking

    As a general rule, parking is free throughout the area. Only the Place Marcel Sauvaire in
    is a blue zone, and the
    Point Sublime
    in July and August.

    How to get to
    Lac d’Allos
    two parking lots are available: The
    parking de la Cluite
    and the Laus car park , which is subject to regulations and charges. Don’t worry, book your place online!

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Travelling by train

in the Verdon

The area from the springs to the Gorges du Verdon is crossed by
the Chemins de fer de Provence railway line
which links the towns of Digne-les-Bains and Nice. This line allows you to discover, by train, the Asse valley around Barrême, the Verdon valley around Saint-André-les-Alpes and Thorame-Gare, the Vaïre valley around Annot and the Var valley around Entrevaux.

Not to be confused with
Train des Pignes à Vapeur
a tourist train that uses the same line and runs on the Puget-Théniers-Entrevaux-Annot- Le Fugeret section, only on Sundays, and on Thursdays and Fridays during the summer season, with a historic steam locomotive.

Getting around by bus

in the Verdon

In addition to the Chemins de Fer de Provence line , several regular and occasional bus routes serve the region:

There is no shuttle service to Lac d’Allos. Access is subject to specific
specific regulations

Find a route

by public transport

Want to get around the region by public transport? Thanks to our route planner, it’s easy to find the ideal route to discover the Verdon.

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