Le Gres d'Annot

Annot Sandstone Trail

Boulders that defy the laws of balance and whose crash seems to have barely stopped, vertiginous viewpoints, rocks with shapes sculpted by facetious erosion, the Annot Sandstone Trail opens the door to an astonishing world. Whatever the season, it’s a magical sight to behold.

Grès D'annot

A chaos of blocks

Right from the start, the trail slaloms between rocks and chestnut trees. Then the blocks get taller, leaning against each other, forming faults. On the outskirts of the King’s bedroom, the assemblies are so haphazard that one wonders how they hold together – impressive!

To find out all about this site, ask for the discovery booklet at the tourist information office.

Esxalier sur le sentier des grés

Enter the legend ...

With every step, you have the vague impression that an elf or goblin is about to appear before you. You notice strange shapes on the rocks, and the forest seems inhabited.

And that’s when you become a legend. That of a king and a traitor, whose ghost wanders the nights of the full moon…here hides a mysterious chamber, will you find it? The passageways are so narrow that your children can play at being the watchdogs. And in front of this staircase that seems to lead nowhere, you’ll be tempted to say “Open Sesame” – you never know!

Did you know?

Beyond the king’s chamber, a monumental profile emerges from the rock. Can you see it?
The locals call him Lou gardian.

Sculptures dans la roche par erosion

Erosion, a facetious artist

In this tangle of shapes, sculptures take shape: a face, a giant spoon, elsewhere a gargoyle. Yet no artist residencies on the horizon. It’s just the work of wind and rain over the millennia. You move a few meters, a breath of wind and pfutt … everything disappears. The rock seems to be sculpted by your imagination.

Thanks to the games booklet available from the tourist office, 7/12 year-olds can discover the mysteries of sandstone.

Capture d'écran pour la vidéo : La fabuleuse histoire du grès d'Annot

The fabulous history of Annot sandstone

3 good reasons to come out of season

Admire nature

The flora in spring and the colors of the chestnut grove in autumn.

Avoid the summer heat

Even if the trail is largely shaded, your hike will be more pleasant.

Return to marvel again

Because we can’t get enough of it, and we like to share it with others.

Too short for you?

Extend your hike with the Baume Longe trail

Further information


The Annot sandstones are not located in a restricted zone, and animals are authorized. Of exceptional biological and landscape interest, they are classified as a Sensitive Natural Area.
This site deserves your respect for two reasons. On the one hand, it’s fragile, and on the other, it’s made up of private plots.


If you plan to do the 3 h loop after heavy rain, the presence of sloping marly areas can make the trail slippery. In this case, we advise you to start your hike on the Vers-la-ville path. Don’t forget your hiking poles.


You can park in the parking lot of the Provence railway station. If you’re doing the loop, we recommend parking in the village: you won’t have to go back up to the station to get your car at the end of the hike.


Take a baby carrier with you if you want to take your youngest child with you, as some passages are rough. The climb is steep and, in places, exposed, so bring plenty of water.
Although this may seem an easy stroll, wearing walking shoes is a must. Don’t forget your binoculars.

carte de la region du verdon Technical data

Technical data

3-hour loop

Possible alternative: a 2-hour round trip to the Chambre du Roi, which avoids the wide but vertiginous passage through the cliff.

from age 7

Difference in altitude: 350m

All year round

Outside the snow season

Free access