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Annot's Sandstone

Cyclopean rocks scattered among the hundred-year-old chestnut trees, Annot’s sandstone is a paradise for hikers and climbers. We owe to this geological formation the beautiful architecture of our villages and the enigmatic shapes of the rock forged our legendary tales. Enter the mysterious world of  Annot’s sandstone…

Annot's sandstone trail

Blocks that defy the laws of balance and whose crash seems to have barely stopped, dizzying viewpoints, rocks with shapes sculpted by a facetious erosion, the sandstone trail opens the doors to an astonishing world. In all seasons, it has a magical show in store for you.

I discover

A mythical climbing spot

to climb up to your fingertips, or whatever will be left of it!
With its blocks scattered under the chestnut trees, the sandstone of Annot, it is the small Fontainebleau of the Southern Alps!
There are also equipped routes for all levels to climb with the family.
Different practices but only one subject.

I discover


Did you know ?

150 ha of the site are classified as Sensitive Natural Area.
Here, the heather rubs shoulders with the giant asphodels, the fern shares the undergrowth with the cep, the orchis of Provence or the orchis monkey.

Hollow trees like rock faults are home to many bats and it is not uncommon to observe the flight of a golden eagle in front of the vertiginous walls.



An elven place
“A magical and timeless place where it is good to stroll and take your eyes off”

Gorgeous !
“Superb walk above Annot, in a chaos of splendid rocks, with a splendid view over the valley from the top of the Scaffarels.
This relatively easy walk alone justifies coming to spend a holiday in this splendid region… »

An exceptional site
“Remarkable site, imposing sandstone, curious shapes, impressive faults in the rock, troglodyte dwellings, view of the valley and Annot over a small part of the route, then a grandiose panorama at the” belvedere ” ”, shaded undergrowth.

The chestnut tree, majestic host

Between him and the grés d’Annot it is a story which goes back to the 16th century and tells about the bonds forged with the inhabitants.

In the past, it was used from the trunk to the leaf, including its fruit, which is very nutritious.
More than a forest, our chestnut groves are orchards and the chestnut, an emblematic ingredient of the local culinary heritage.

3 good reasons to discover the sandstone

An interpretive trailbut not only !

The sandstone contributes to the landscape and architectural richness but not only… They play an important role in the local gastronomy.

Geologyvery specific

The name Annot’s sandstone given to this type of rock is recognized by the scientific community. Its picturesque forms have evocative names and form a classified natural site since 1920.

Floravery rich and protected

The sandstones are home to 5 nationally protected species, including several orchids.