Gorges de DaluisGorges de Daluis
©Gorges de Daluis|Philippe Murtas Photographe

The Gorges de Daluis

The Gorges de Daluis are immense walls over 900 meters long, carved out of the red schist, the source of their particular color. Take the balcony road that crosses them, it will offer you the most beautiful views of the Gorges… without forgetting a stop at the Pont de la Marie. At 80 meters high, it is the most vertiginous point of the Gorges. Do you dare to venture there?

Technical sheet

  2 hours by car to do the Entrevaux-Entrevaux circuit

   For the whole family

   Ideal from spring to fall

   Several stopping points on the circuit

The legend of the Pont de la Mariée (The Bride’s bridge)

Overlooking the 80-meter precipice, the Pont de la Mariée is a veritable work of art, it allowed at the time to reach Guillaumes from Nice by tram. story came to haunt him.
What happened on July 30, 1927?
A young couple on their honeymoon in the valley wanted to visit the gorges around 9 p.m.
The limousine with which they arrived in Guillaumes therefore sets out again in the direction of the gorges and stops at the bridge.
The young wife deceived by the darkness, as her husband declared, would have jumped the bridge.
But did she fall on her own, the question remains… After this tragedy, the tram bridge was renamed “the bridge of the Bride”.


Did you know ?

The block of red schist in the shape of a woman’s head located a few meters after the Berthé bridge or represents “The guardian of the gorges”!



The gorges are magnificent.
To be done at low speed out of season, the colors are incredible.
There are several stopping points to enjoy the show.
Stop you

The Red Gorges seen from above, by the rest areas or the bridges. the most beautiful point of view is deserved, the sublime point which bears its name well!

Not to be missed in the region
If you pass not far from the gorges do not hesitate to go there because it is really worth the trip.
The red rock is absolutely magnificent and the passage by car is also very atypical depending on the direction from which one comes.
Close your visited by the Bride’s Bridge for a breathtaking view.

Colorado air

The resemblance is such that one could imagine oneself in Colorado.
Similar in terms of its gorges and color, there is no doubt the Gorges will offer you a total change of scenery.

3 good reasons to make the loop

Discoveryof two gorges

Gorges de Daluis seen from above and Gorges du Cians seen from below.

Several pointswhere to stop

to admire the landscape even better.

The differencelandscape

of Provence, to the decor of red lands then to the mountain landscape.

Further information

You will find picnic tables at the stops near the Gorges de Daluis.

The Gorges are accessible by motorhome but the road is narrow next to the Cians Gorges.