Randonnée Lac d'AllosRandonnée Lac d'Allos
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Mercantour Park

Reveries in an enchanting setting, look no further for paradise on earth! this is where it is

A space out of time, between the strength of the mountains and the fragility of nature, the Mercantour National Park offers you fascination, wonder and daydreams by the immensity and the splendor of its constantly changing landscapes with astonishing play of light.

Pure air, calm and serenity between sparkling lakes, crystalline springs, secret forests, mountain pastures or peaks over 3000m above sea level make it an ideal place to let go and relax. rejuvenate.

This exceptional heritage well deserves Unesco!

The candidacy is made to reach the grail in the recognition of a heritage of very great geological originality and recognized as unique on earth.

What a chance for you to get to know this formidable wild and preserved heritage and to introduce it to your children!
What a pleasure to relax in the nature bathed by the sun of the Southern Alps!


Did you know ?

The Mercantour National Park is part of the Alpes Azur Mercantour International Star Sky Reserve, one of the 14 sites on the planet.
It’s an explosion like glowing confetti in the sky!
The stars shine and twinkle by the thousands in the pure sky.
A simple and fleeting happiness of having your feet on the ground and plunging your head into the stars: you will be the little prince of St Exupéry in the night.
So turn off your lights, it’s high time to rekindle the stars!



We have been coming to the Parc du Mercantour for many years.

You can enter the Park from different places:
St Martin de Vesubie / St Etienne de Tinee / Larche / and this year from Estenc Entraunes.
We appreciate this Park for its exceptional flora and quality accommodation with character and know-how hosts who love their region.
I am a mountain professional and I recommend this Park for Hiking, Mountaineering, ski touring, and Climbing, you will not be disappointed


splendid place, protected, for hikes with great landscapes, its heritage, its wide open spaces, nothing but happiness.

A wonderful world
The Mercantour National Park is recommended for all mountain and nature lovers.
Breathtaking landscapes.
Unmissable, close to the French Riviera.

A hiker’s dream, far from the crowds and cool

The Mercantour National Park and the Haut Verdon valley are an ideal starting point for a multitude of perfectly signposted hikes for experts and beginners.
From the simple walk which takes you to superb lakes where it will be good just to “contemplate”, to the hike where you will have to climb steeply towards passes or mountain passes. “Declines” to move from one valley to another.
Little shy ibex and chamois will delight you in this living, preserved and authentic environment located barely 1.5 hours from the sea.

Hike safely

3 good reasons to come

Keep your eyes open!Observe the flora and fauna

A classified and protected area, the animals live in freedom and the diversity of plant species is exceptional. Be patient and quiet so you can observe them.

Change of scenery guaranteed!Admire the highest lake in Europe

Lake Allos is the largest natural high altitude lake in Europe. Nestled at 2230 meters in a setting of grandiose nature, it is in the heart of Mercantour.

from Mount PelatSee Corsica

Departing from Allos lake, set off for the ascent of Mont Pelat. Culminating at an altitude of 3051 m, it is the highest peak in the Haute Vallée du Verdon. On a clear day, you can even make out Corsica.

For you an exceptional panorama!

Further information

Located in the extreme south-east of France, it encompasses the departments of Alpes Maritime and Alples de Provence and 8 valleys (Roya, Bevera, Vesubie, Tinee, Cians, Var, Verdon, Ubaye).

See the map

Here are a few tips :

It is forbidden to camp, to walk with pets, to circulate and park on certain roads etc.

See the regulations in detail

To learn all about the cultural and natural heritage of the Mercantour and the Alpi Marittime, consult the Cross-border Atlas


Want to come back?

Why not a night in a refuge to contemplate the starry vault as a screen and the valleys which light up at sunrise.
You will have the impression of being away much longer and your children will feel like real little adventurers.


Do not miss

The events of the Mercantour National Park

The Mercantour an ecotourism destination

Created in 2012, the Mercantour Ecotourism Association is a network of tourism professionals: lodgers, farmers, mountain guides, artisans, artists …

All inhabitants of the Mercantour valleys and fervent partner of the Park, they work for the development of controlled and sustainable tourism that respects the environment by guaranteeing visitors unforgettable experiences.

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