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Our top local products

Enjoy your stay in the Verdon to consume local ! Many producers work all year long with passion to offer you their delicious products: honey, cold meats, local beers, cheeses, lamb, chestnuts… Make your choice, and enjoy yourself!



The preserved flora of our territory between mountains and Provence contributes to the quality of our honeys as well as to their diversity. Lavender, chestnut, all flowers … the varieties are large and the production very developed on the whole Verdon.

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From sheep, goats or cows, fresh, dry or creamy as you wish: you will find tommes for all tastes across the territory.

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The Lamb

Land of transhumance, the Verdon offers its mountain pastures to ewes for centuries. Obviously, lamb meat, refined and tasty, is a major component of our culinary tradition.

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The Cordoeil Beer

The immissable Cordoeil is THE beer that will accompany all your aperitifs! Elaborated at Thorame-Basse, it will delight you with its different fruity, malty or golden note. There is one for every taste!

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The Entrevaux secca

With a reputation that extends far beyond the city walls, Secca, a dried beef created in Entrevaux, can be enjoyed in a variety of ways: raw, seasoned with oil or parmesan cheese, or hot Savoyard style.

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The chestnut grove of the Annot region is centuries old and is one of the few in the Paca region. The sweet and tasty fruits of the local variety are transformed by the owners, grouped in association, into natural chestnuts and chestnut cream.

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Fruit juices

The alluvial deposits of the Var river have favored orchards, downstream from the village of Entrevaux. The fruit juices, home-made, have the acidulous and sweet flavors of the fruits ripened in optimal conditions.

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