CanyoningCanyoning le Baou dans les Gorges du Verdon
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What could be better than contemplating the Verdon panorama while discovering the beautiful sensations of paragliding? Updraft, acrobatics… You will have all the necessary elements to enjoy a special moment! Ready to take off?

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Portaledge, which consists in being suspended at 300 m height, will allow you to spend a special moment. The view over the Verdon and its cliffs is yours! Enjoy an unusual dinner facing the wonders surrounding you. The excitement will be there!



If this activity is not familiar to you, then let us take you on a whirlwind of happiness! The hydro speed consists in moving in the bed of a river with the help of a board and flippers! Performed only on the Verdon river, it will give you all the sensations of white water!

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Finally, if you want to get some aquatic sensations, let yourself be tempted by canyoning. Jumps, slides, rappelling and sometimes even zip lines, here is the best way to have a successful activity !

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Rock climbing

This activity is practiced on a large part of the territory. And for good reason, the landscapes lend themselves to it! Between cliffs and rocks, you will need a strong desire to admire the breathtaking scenery offered by climbing in the Verdon. Get your shoes on!
Where to practice rock climbing in the Verdon?

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