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Verdon Park

Created on 3 March 1997, the Verdon Regional Nature Park comprises 46 communes spread over the departments of Alpes de Haute Provence and Var, offering a mosaic of unique landscapes and atmospheres. From the Valensole plateau to the lakes and Gorges du Verdon, it is a living space where nature and people live together in harmony. Among the Park’s missions: the protection and management of the natural and cultural heritage. A rich but fragile territory that must be preserved.


On the way to the ‘Grand site de France’ label

With an international reputation, the Gorges du Verdon are subject to a very high attendance. To meet the challenges of welcoming visitors, they are the subject of a project ‘Grand site de France’. The aim is to improve the quality of the visit while respecting the site and restore and protect its landscape, natural and cultural quality.


Did you know?

The Verdon Park’s mission is to watch over the water of the Verdon and its fair use because it is precious. It supplies drinking water to many cities in the region, but it also produces energy, serves nature and agriculture, and industry, while being a place of tourist activities. Just that!

Focus on the apron of the Rhône

A freshwater fish, the apron of the Rhône is an endemic species of the Rhone and Mediterranean basin. Until the 20th century, it lived mainly in the Rhône and its tributaries. Now threatened, the largest populations are found in the Ardèche and Durance basins.

To fight against its extinction, the Conservatoire d’Espaces Naturels Rhône Alpes has drawn up a National Action Plan (2020 – 2030) for the apron of the Rhône.

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The essentials !

Discover all the advice to apply on a daily basis to preserve the landscapes and biodiversity of the Verdon Regional Nature Park.

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A must-have whose reputation is well established…
Whether you are a sports enthusiast or not, as a couple, with friends or family, the Verdon Regional Natural Park offers nature lovers a multitude of activities: kayaking, canyoning, pedal boating, motor boating, or simply picnicking and swimming. Ideal to relax and go ‘green’ when it’s hot on the coast and the beaches are crowded.

Postcard landscapes
What a beautiful park in which you can take a motorcycle ride, walk contemplating these landscapes worthy of postcards, swim in the lake…

The Roads carved into the rock, on the side of a cliff, breathtaking landscapes, the Verdon Natural Park is a real jewel. Wherever you look, you will be amazed by the extraordinary landscapes.

A territory marked by the imprint of man since the Paleolithic period
Traces of prehistory gathered at the Quinson Museum, baptisteries and Gallo-Roman temples, built of dry stone… The men and women of the past have bequeathed to this territory a very rich heritage. The Park preserves it as much as it accompanies those who are building today’s.

3 good reasons to come

Discover3 key sites

The Gorges du Verdon, the lavender fields of the Valensole plateau and the Sainte Croix Lake are major attractions of the Park.

A multiplicityof activities

In the water, in the air or on land, the activities are countless, impossible to be bored!

Supportsustainable development

The Park works with the inhabitants and economic actors in a sustainable development logic. Support them… come to the park!

Additional information

From the Gorges du Verdon to the Valensole plateau, passing through numerous lakes and alpine landscapes, the Park is a territory with 7 landscapes. Created in March 1997, it spreads over 46 communes on horseback between the Alpes de Haute-Provence and the Var.

See map here.

Consult the weather forecast mainly in winter with the snow conditions.

Check the accessibility of the roads on your route on inforoutes 04 and Var’s real-time traffic .

Note the information points of the Park, the Tourist Offices and the tourist information offices of the sector.

Choose soft transportation means

It is forbidden to make fire on the entire territory of the Park, to go camping wild on the banks of the lakes and in the gorges and to bathe in the communes of Aiguines, Castellane, Rougon and La Palud-sur-Verdon.

The regulations in detail

The Valeurs Parc brand distinguishes food and craft specialities and tourist services, it offers you the choice of an eco-responsible and ethical consumption.

The members of the brand commit themselves alongside the Park on its essential values: territorial anchorage, preservation of heritage and human dimension.

Discover products and services, ‘Valeurs Parc’

The hikes

in the heart of the Park

1000 kilometres of marked trails, the possibility of great itineraries on the G.®4, G.®406, G.®49 or G.®99 to discover the remarkable landscapes of the Verdon.