Balade en familleBalade en famille Gorges du Verdon
©Balade en famille Gorges du Verdon |Philippe Murtas Photographe

The essentials to know

Verdon Regional Nature Park

The Verdon Regional Nature Park is a protected area. Below you will find some tips to apply on a daily basis.
Your actions will have a real impact on this space which is our future but also traces of the past !
So, be an actor by contributing to the protection of the landscape and biodiversity.

Kayaking down the river

Let the fish breathe


Did you know that?

In the Verdon Regional Nature Park, wild camping and bivouacking are forbidden on the banks of the lakes and in the Verdon Gorges.

Where to sleep ?

Autres réglementations

pour préserver l'environnement

Que vous soyez habitant ou vacancier, voici quelques rappels des autres réglementations appliquées dans le Parc naturel régional du Verdon.

Especially during the summer period, the risk of fire is high in the Verdon massifs. So please do not light your cigarette or make campfires or barbecue.


   Our advice 

Instead of throwing your cigarette butts in the wild which could cause a fire, opt for a portable ashtray.

In natural areas, you won’t find rubbish bins at every bend in the path… but that’s no reason to throw your rubbish into the wild. So please collect and sort your waste.


   Our advice 

Carry bin liners or plastic bags in your backpack so that you can put your waste in them and sort it out before throwing it in a container.


Drone flying is a nuisance for humans and animals. This is why it is regulated, especially in protected areas. Please follow the instructions.


   Our advice 

Find out about overflight restrictions.

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Consult the prevention guide of the Verdon Regional Nature Park



On the banks of the Castillon and Sainte-Croix lakes or on board watercraft (canoe, pedal boat, boat…), please limit noise pollution, especially musical.


   Our advice 

Instead of using a connected speaker, opt for headphones or earphones so as not to disturb nearby people and animals.


Advices from the ecoguards

In summer, you will certainly come across one of the eco-guards of the Verdon Regional Nature Park.

They walk all over the Park, from the lakes to the Gorges, with the aim of welcoming you, informing you and making you aware of nature prevention.