sentier-des-pecheurs7723.jpgSentier des Pêcheurs - Lac de Castillon - Saint-André-les-Alpes
©Sentier des Pêcheurs - Lac de Castillon - Saint-André-les-Alpes|Philippe Murtas Photographe
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1 week in the Verdon

A perfect week!

Recommended by the Martin family

“We spent a great week of vacation in the Verdon with my husband and my 2 children. Between sports activities and discoveries, the whole family enjoyed themselves!
We spent time together. An unforgettable stay … we came back with a lot of memories!”

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We offer you an ideal stay for a week.

Activities for children and adults throughout the week, between new sensations, visits of emblematic places rich in cultural and natural heritage.

Enough to spend a dream vacation from the sources to the Gorges du Verdon.

Day 1

Discovery of the Gorges du Verdon

The picnic break

Yes, white water sports are exhausting! So why not sharing a good picnic?

Sitting by the Verdon river, you can enjoy, with your family, a simple meal with delicious local products.
For day 1, we recommend the Carajuan Bridge.

Day 2

The Verdon differently

The route des crêtes by electric bike

For those who like keeping their feet firmly on the ground, discover the Route des Crêtes by electric bicycle.
Take the time to observe the vultures.

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Hiking at Notre Dame du Roc

At noon, we climb on the steps of Notre Dame du Roc.

On your way back down, visit Castellane, a typical village.
  More info : For the path of the Roc, climb up to the chapel along the ramparts and go down along the way of the cross to the church of the Sacré Coeur. It takes 1h30 to go there and back.

Day 3

A Provencal Day

Our Provencal Markets

Here, we take the time to stroll in the streets and particularly to shop. The smells of Provence invade the streets. Some good cheese and local cold meats quickly fill the basket. You can add a farmhouse bread, perfect for the next day hiking.
Culinary advice : Emblem of the Provencal market stalls, the Socca is a chickpea flour cake, a delicious delicacy to be enjoyed on site.

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Discovery of our museums

In the afternoon, cool down with the visit of the distillery museum in Barrême and the flour mill museum in La Mure.

In Barrême, you can visit the exhibition of fossils.

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A Paragliding Flight

At the end of the day, a paragliding flight to admire the beautiful landscape from above.

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You are now halfway through your vacation but you still have some amazing moments to live and to share.

Day 4

Combine hiking and heritage discovery

A family hiking tour

Today, a short family hiking tour to discover lakes, forests or waterfalls, there is plenty of choice here!

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Stroll in a picturesque village in the afternoon. Between forts and ramparts, the heritage of Colmars-les-Alpes is exposed.

Did you know? There are four picturesque villages and towns on the territory.

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Day 5

Boarding on the steam train

Steam train journey

Boarding of the Train des Pignes, towards the village of Annot. This emblematic train crosses splendid landscapes at low speed. An enchantment for children and adults., towards the village of Annot. This emblematic train crosses splendid landscapes at low speed. An enchantment for children and adults.

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Lunch at Restaurant

For your lunch break, let yourself be seduced by the restaurants labeled Pays Gourmand. A tasty way to discover the region.

The Citadel of Entrevaux

A stop in Entrevaux is necessary on the way back, even only to discover the citadel.

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Day 6

Last day, let's relax


We stroll through the authentic village streets to bring a sweet vacation memory home.

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Secrets de Fabriques workshop

We register the children for a Secrets de fabriques workshop. Pottery, distillation, dyeing to learn while having fun!

Traveling leaves you speechless at first, then transforms you into a storyteller.

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