Pont De Tusset, VerdonPont de Tusset en automne dans le Verdon. Joli pont en pierre au dessus de la rivière du Verdon. Les couleurs contrastent fortement avec l'eau de la rivière
©Pont de Tusset en automne dans le Verdon, sur le sentier du Lézard |Matthieu Simoulin -Verdon Pictures

The Verdon Gorges in all seasons

In summer

Traffic jams, crowded beaches and waiting for activities?
No fear!
This season is made for you. A multitude of activities and entertainment await you. You will be spoilt for choice but you will have to be patient or get up early.
Unless you opt for September: the activities are waiting for you and the water is still at a good temperature to relax.


Did you know?

From yellow to red, from brown to orange… In autumn, the colours of the landscapes are infinite in the Gorges du Verdon, the ideal season to visit them!
No more hustle and bustle, the calm has returned, they fall asleep gently. But until the end of October, you will find everything you need to stay serenely.




Magical moment in a pedal boat. To be done early in the morning in high season as it is very crowded.
Date of experience: September 2020


The Verdon Gorges no longer have to prove their worth, splendid breathtaking views. All along the ridge road (Route des Crêtes) there are viewpoints where you can park to admire the cliffs and the Verdon below.
Date of the experience: November 2019

The magic ridge road

What a beautiful canyon, with vultures flying over you… Each belvedere is a different viewpoint… Great season without too many tourists.
Date of the experience: June 2019

‘The seasons are what a symphony ought to be: four perfect movements in harmony with each other.’
Arthur Rubinstein

3 good reasons to come out of season

It’s not so hot

Mild temperatures and good weather are ideal for activities without the summer heat.

Fewer people For more peace of mind

In July and August, the Verdon Gorges, a victim of their world renown, are overcrowded. Come and discover them in autumn and spring, you will enjoy the calm of nature and avoid the queues.

More time To welcome you well

In summer, the pace in the tourist information offices is rhythmic. While in autumn, winter and spring, the calmer attendance allows us to devote all the time necessary to respond to your requests.

Our advice according to the season

—As a rule,the shuttle bus Blanc-Martel is operated on weekends and public holidays from the beginning of April until July 1. Remember to book it, as well as your accommodation and activities.

—Plan on bathing suit, and a hat depending on when you come! And always a small jacket and sunscreen: the nights are still cold and the sun of April may not forgive.

—The famous lavender fields near the Gorges are in bloom from mid-June!

Accommodation, activities, Blanc-Martel bus shuttle, one tip: book well in advance. For your accommodation, ideally the previous winter.

Much of the whitewater activity is dependent on water releases from the Castillon Dam and is not practicable on a daily basis. Ask the guides or our tourist information offices before planning your activities.

—Bathing suit, gourds, hat (or cap!) and sunscreen are all available, but the nights are still cool, so bring your little jacket.

—During the very high season, drive early in the morning or late in the afternoon: avoid the traffic jams

Canoes and pedal boats on the Sainte-Croix lake cannot be booked in advance. The solution: get up early (8 a.m., does it sting?) to avoid waiting 1 or 2 hours.

—The lavender fields near the Gorges are in bloom from mid-June to mid-July!

Numerous activities are organized during the autumn school holidays (zone B).
The shuttle bus Blanc-Martel runs on certain dates.
From November 1st, refer to the winter period.

—Use gloves and hats because the temperature is low at almost 1000 m even in the south. Snowshoeing and Après-ski can be useful in case of heavy snowfall.

—Book your accommodation because few remain open. Find out about the opening of the shops, the condition of the trails.

Equip your car with winter tyres, even if there is no snow. Their gum stays more flexible at low temperatures, and the car reacts better in turns and braking.

—During the winter, the Route des Crêtes is closed from the Carelle belvedere to the Maline chalet. Don’t worry, you can still visit the most famous.

—All the trails remain open,the shuttle bus Blanc-Martel is no longer in service. Inquire about the snow on the heights and watch out for the slides in the Gorges.